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Here you find frequently asked questions. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or phone.

Who does the MBR support?

We offer support and advice to all citizens of Berlin who want to do something about right-wing extremism, right-wing populism, racism and anti-Semitism in their personal or professional lives. You can get in touch with us as an individual or as a representative of a group, organisation or institution.

We advise local and regional politicians, administrative bodies, social institutions, businesses and unions, clubs and associations, religious groups, memorial sites, theatres, museums, schools, civic alliances and many more.

Click here for an overview of the various consultation fields.

When can I contact the MBR?

We offer advice and consultations in dealing with extreme right-wing, right-wing populist, racist and anti-Semitic challenges irrespective of their manifestations and whether you are facing these challenges at home or in your professional life.

If, for example, extreme right-wing propaganda is on the rise in your Kiez and you want to do something about it, if your association is being attacked because of its commitment to human rights, or if you are worried that your event will be disrupted by anti-Semites or right-wing extremists – we will come to you and help you become more confident in your actions.

Are you unsure whether a specific event was motivated by extreme right-wing ideology? We can help you to assess the situation. Has nothing actually happened yet but you are afraid it might? We have tips and ideas on how to best prepare yourself.

We have collected a number of examples for you here.

How is a MBR consultation structured?

The consultation process is normally initiated by you: by calling us or sending us an email. We will listen to your concerns and, where necessary, ask more detailed questions in order to understand exactly what you are worried about and how we can support you. In urgent cases, we will provide immediate support or information on the telephone (030 817 985 810) or through email.

We will then generally set a date for a first meeting with two consultants from our team. The first meeting will focus on a joint analysis of the problem and identification of your needs and how we can support you. Depending on the outcome of that meeting, the further course of the consultation can vary. In any case, the next steps will be determined with you at the end of the conversation.

Click here for an in-depth description of the principles of our consultations.

What does "mobile" mean in the context of the MBR?

Our consultations are “mobile” because they always focus on the specific problems and needs in relation to their location. But “mobile” also means that our colleagues will come to you if desired. If that is neither possible nor desired, we can also arrange an appointment in our office at Gleimstraße 31, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Scope and duration of the consultations will also be determined by you. This means that no two consultations will be the same!

Click here for more information about how MBR consultations work.

Will the consultation be treated confidentially?

Confidentiality is a fundamental principle of our consultations. Whatever you tell us will never leave the MBR. We will not share your information with third parties unless you give us explicit consent.

Click here for more information about how MBR consultations work.

Is the consultation free of charge?

Yes. A MBR consultation is free. Our work is funded as part of the state programme “Demokratie.Vielfalt.Respekt. In Berlin – Gegen Rechtsextremismus, Rassismus und Antisemitismus” (Democracy.Diversity.Respect. In Berlin – Against Right-Wing Extremism, Racism and Anti-Semitism) of the Berlin Senate Department of Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination as well as the federal programme “Demokratie leben!” (Living democracy!) of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Are MBR services only available for citizens of Berlin?

Yes. Our services are generally only offered to citizens of Berlin. National organisations, clubs, associations or businesses who are headquartered in Berlin may contact us as well. However, each federal state has mobile anti-right-wing extremism consultation teams, which means that you can find competent support wherever you are in Germany. Our colleagues in the national organisation Bundesverband Mobile Beratung e.V. (BMB) apply the same principles as we do, and are happy to support you at your location. We will gladly help with mediation and establish a contact.

The website of the BMB contains information on the teams of national Netzwerke für Mobile Beratung and their regional offices.

I was the victim of extreme right-wing, racist or anti-Semitic violence. Can I contact the MBR?

No matter what, we will not leave you to fend for yourself and can provide support in a first telephone conversation. However, you should contact our colleagues in the victim advocacy centres for further advice and counselling. In Berlin, these are:

ReachOut – advice for victims and education against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism
Beusselstr. 35 (rear building), 10553 Berlin
Phone: 030 695 683 39

OFEK – Consultation and intervention office for anti-Semitic violence and discrimination
Phone: 030 – 61 08 04 58
Hotline: Mo 16–18, Tue 10–12, Wed 12–14
Mobile: 0049 176 45 87 55 32

I want to report an extreme right-wing or other discriminatory incident. Should I contact the MBR?

In Berlin, the Berliner Register (Berlin Register) and the Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus (Research and Information Centre on Anti-Semitism, RIAS Berlin) are responsible for documenting these types of incidents. If you want to become more confident in dealing with concrete extreme right-wing, right-wing populist, racist or anti-Semitic situations beyond mere documentation, the MBR is the right point of contact.

The Berlin registers are centres that document racist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTIQ*,anti-Romani and anti-Sinti, far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-Black, National Socialism-trivializing, anti-disability, and social-chauvinist incidents that occur in Berlin’s districts. The employees in the centres collect, assess and publish these incidents.

The Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus (Research and Information Centre on Anti-Semitism, RIAS Berlin) is a sister project of the MBR and has been documenting anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin since 2015.
RIAS Berlin, in cooperation with Jewish and non-Jewish organisations, has set up a reporting system for anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin. Reports are analysed and own research is systematised. The reports are the basis for qualitative assessments.
Phone: 0049 1521 336 21 98 or 030 – 817 985 821
Anti-Semitic incidents can be reported here:

There are problems with right-wing extremism, right-wing populism, racism and anti-Semitism in my area: Can the MBR help?

First of all, it is a good idea to inform us about the problem. If it is then in your interest to personally address this issue and take action, we will be happy to assist you by providing advice, background information or expert assessments.

We at the MBR, however, cannot compensate for the commitment and dedication of those affected on site or, where necessary, replace the actions of the authorities. And, as a matter of principle, we do not become directly active on site ourselves. We support those seeking advice in all problem situations and concerns that lie within the scope of our expertise and tasks.

We are planning to protest against right-wing extremism and racism - will the MBR participate in our initiative, support our call to action or sign our petition?

We are happy to support you with conceptual advice, background information, expert assessments or workshops. As a consulting project, however, the MBR is not an actor per se, meaning that we do not participate in actions. In certain exceptional cases, our umbrella association – Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin e.V. (VDK) – may sign or co-initiate petitions.

Who can access MBR training? Who are the target groups of MBR workshops?

As part of our consultation services, we also offer workshops, seminars and training measures. Organisations, clubs, initiatives, teams, companies and associations that have identified a need for further training or qualification during a consultation process can access our customised training courses. Insights, advice and questions arising from seminars and workshops are in turn incorporated into our consultation offers.

At the MBR, we primarily train multipliers from various social sectors as well as democratically-committed people. An interest in the topic, a certain understanding of its necessity on the part of the participants as well as engagement with the contents beyond the workshop is important for the success of the consultations.

Click here for an example of a training measure offered as part of the consultation process.

Bietet die MBR Workshops für Schulklassen oder Projekttage an Schulen an?

No. Or only in very exceptional cases. Our main task is consulting, and in the course of such consultations we also train multipliers and dedicated individuals.

In Berlin, however, there is a multitude of offers for school classes and students. These are offered either by senate-funded projects or by freelance educators and trainers. Here you will also find offers that are tailored to the different age groups. The Berliner Landesprogramm (Berlin state programme) offers the following educational services. If you need assistance in finding a suitable offer, we will be happy to help!

Can I support the MBR with a donation?

Our umbrella association – Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin e.V. (VDK) – accepts donations. We need your support to achieve more financial independence and a clearer political positioning. Please donate using the key word “Demokratiearbeit” or “Unterstützung des VDK”!

VDK e.V.
IBAN DE10 1002 0500 0003 2196 01
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

The VDK e.V. is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Your donation is tax-deductible. If you require a donation receipt, please send an email to

Can I volunteer at the MBR?

While we welcome all forms of commitment and dedication to democratic culture, it is unfortunately not possible to volunteer at the MBR. If you want to take action against right-wing extremism, right-wing populism, racism and anti-Semitism, we recommend getting in touch with our sister project, Berlin gegen Nazis (Berlin against Nazis).
Since 2014, Berlin gegen Nazis has been uniting emerging and existing initiatives and alliances for joint (protest) action at extreme right-wing, racist or anti-Semitic gatherings.

Click here for the website of Berlin gegen Nazis.