Analysis of current extreme right-wing, right-wing populist, racist
or anti-Semitic tendencies in Berlin.


Target group-appropriate
assessments based on specific problems in consideration of local
conditions and realities.


Classification of right-wing strategies and manifestations.


Support of democratically-minded citizens in assessing the respective challenges.


Needs-oriented training and education.


Professional support in the formulation of strategies and measures.


Increasing clients’ confidence in
their actions, supporting their networks and promoting a democratic
culture in Berlin.

What can I expect? The principles underlying our consultations

Your individual concerns are our main focus. Therefore no two consultations are alike. But what the consultations do have in common is that they are always confidential, free and tailored to your needs. Our colleagues provide support in the form of “helping you to help yourself”, which is why you will always be included in the entire consultation process. The goal is to help you have more confidence in your actions and in how you communicate. Our service is “mobile” because it can be offered wherever you are (on location), is in line with your personal circumstances and realities and focuses on your needs and resources. Where desired, we will come to you and provide assistance on location. You define the pace and duration of the consultation process. Click here to find examples of consultation cases:

examples of consultation cases

How is a MBR consultation structured?

The consultation process begins with your description of the problem. Are you a private citizen, a representative of an initiative or institution, a member of an association or an employee in a business who is unsure about how to deal with extreme right-wing, right-wing populist, racist or anti-Semitic incidents or phenomena? If so, send us an email or call us. We also welcome inquiries about how to initiate preventative measures.

The second step focuses on defining the
. Two MBR consultants will work closely with you to discuss the specific situation and identify which support measures are most appropriate.

This step is followed by a joint problem analysis: what actions took place and who was involved in this incident or situation? Are the local community, politics, administration or other third-parties involved? Were further persons affected? Can other individuals or third-parties be included in the process? In this phase, we primarily gather information and establish contact – where desired – to other key players who may be able to assist in the consultation process or offer specific solutions.

Based on the preceding research and descriptions of problems, our consultants will then develop a suitable action plan with you. This plan will always:

  • consist of achievable goals
  • be defined by your possibilities and resources
  • strengthen your personal competencies.

Naturally, we will be happy to support you in implementing the strategies. However, we will not assume the role of an independent actor but will instead take on a moderating or advising function.

More information on topics and methodological principles of mobile consultations can be found in the whitepaper of the Bundesverband Mobile Beratung (MBM), published in 2018.